the smart training revolution

Work out, improve and have fun!

How does it work?

Bkool Fitness will work differently depending on your device
These are the compatible devices at the moment:

Bkool Smart Bike

The perfect match! The only indoor bike with automatic resistance control. You will train by power.

Trainers & power devices

Bkool Smart trainers and FEC-compliant trainers offer automatic resistance control. You can train using the manual mode with ANT+ cadence and power sensors. You will train by power.

Heart rate monitors

Connect your Bkool heart rate monitor and other sensors with Bluetooth or ANT+. You will train by heart rate.

Video classes

Improve, work out and have fun! The best indoor cycling instructors have designed specific exercises so you can achieve your goals. Train smart! Our classes adapt to your physical condition so that you notice from the first moment the results of your workouts.

Bkool Smart Bike, the most advanced indoor bike

Automatic resistance

The pedaling resistance adjusts automatically to the power level of your indoor cycling session.

It adapts to you

A quick test will determine your fitness so the Smart Bike can adapt to it. A personalized bike.

Maximum precision

Its electronic system allows for maximum precision, with up to 1500 different resistance levels.

Take control

If you prefer, you can control the pedaling resistance yourself. At any time, whenever you want.

With your smartphone

Take full control from your smartphone. Automatically adjust resistance. Or take control yourself.

Virtual gear shift

We’ve designed a virtual gear shift, so you can ride any outdoor route.